Markos D1

Markos D1 born August 29 1991 is a Los Angeles-based recording artist, whose “D1” moniker is a shortening of the phrase “The One”, a nickname which represents Markos’ unique brand of latin pop music and acute business savvy as a fashion model and successful beauty industry entrepreneur. 

In 2013, his debut single “Salvation” which he himself wrote, was an instant success. Shortly after its release, it was picked up by several music streaming services but most notably by streaming giant, Pandora. Since then, he’s been hard at work on honing his craft, an effort that has resulted in high praise from several veteran music industry professionals like David Kanhe, who has produced music for famed singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.

Most recently, Markos D1, who was born in California, but whose parents hail from Mexico and Puerto Rico, has been spending long hours in the studio working on new and original music alongside DJ Kane, a producer who was the lead vocalist of the Latin Grammy Award-winning, Kumbia Kings.

Always a staple on the red carpets of the most exclusive music industry events from L.A. to Miami, Markos D1 recently attended the 2018 Latin Billboards Music Conference and Award Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, along with a long list of internationally renowned latin music artists, he walked the red carpet and was interviewed by a string of news media outlets interested in his music.

His upcoming tracks will include songs in English and Spanish. And he’s said his next album will be “more in touch with” his “Latino roots.” He describes his music’s unique sound as “authentic and upbeat.” Even so, what’s perhaps most unique about Markos D1 as an artist, is his strong stage presence and ability to captivate and entertain his audience. He does so by combining his vocal prowess with an engaging light show, dancing, and outfit changes galore. He is truly a modern-day show man and a force to be reckoned with both in the studio and on the stage.

And despite his busy music recording schedule, Markos D1, whose given name is Markos Hernandez, divides his time between the stage, studio, and countless professional beauty industry events.

As the owner of the Markos D1 hair salon chain in California, Markos who has always had an eye for fashion and beauty, has handpicked and successfully assembled a talented team of hair stylists and make-up artists. Led by him, his team of stylists has been using their skills to beautify West Coast clients since 2009.

But aside from his company’s large pool of talented cosmetologists, Markos D1 salons also carry a full line of Markos D1 branded cosmetics; a custom brand of make-up products customers love and ask for by name.

In his work as a model, Markos has been captured by the lenses of photographers who often shoot household names, among them Christina Aguilera and the Kardashians.

His overall appeal has garnered him an influx of fans in a series of countries across the globe including the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Dubai and the U.K., just to name a few. His unique style, charisma and his soon-to-be-released projects make MarkosD1, a quickly rising star and artist to watch. You can learn more about all things MarkosD1 by following him on social media @MarkosD1official