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Welcome to the Markos D1 World! 
A place of dreams, magic, amazing sound and picture motion, all in one place!

Markos D1 is dedicated to quality, attention to detail, interaction and genuinely being who he is..

In the mind of Markos D1, creating and perfecting music that can merge us all is priority. He dedicates his life to blending the victories and failures, his pain and struggle and his triumph over any obstacle that has come his way, all with multicultural backgrounds. He believes that all his challenges and success over them don't impact just one person, but all of us in any place and time. Here, he bares his life by showcasing his music that transcends age, time and taste.


Video rumors after Miami Performance! 

Markos D1 worked alongside Grammy award winner DJ Kane to create his acclaimed new single "Borracho"! It is being rumored that the finishing touches are being done to the music video! You can see his videos now on YouTube and see the newest developments he is always doing!

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